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Monday, June 27, 2011


Inclusive Tourism

Sheila King, – Australia  Accessible tourism industry – is it kicking goals? (no audio)

Fabio Sacco and Stefano Andreotti, Antipodi Tourism – Italy  Education in the tourism field for Youth Action for Change associates

Jennifer McGowan, Dalhousie University – Canada   The sustainable livelihoods and tourism intersect: Gender, power structures and local market vendors in Aguas Calientes, Peru


Local Economic Development Initiatives

Carol Patterson, Kalahari Management – Canada  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Local Tourism Development (no audio)

Toney Thomas, Taylor’s University – Malaysia  Unexpected influence of tourism in the vulnerable economic region, the impact of tourism on native community and primary economic sector (no audio)

Cliff Higuchi, Shaw Conference Centre – Canada  Simple Steps for the Shaw Conference Centre *Coming Soon*

Liz Manning, Planeterra Foundation  Connecting community-based projects with the tourism supply chain to create direct benefits for all (no audio)

Joe Staiano, Tourism Consultant – USA  Implementing a successful, participatory, responsible travel program.


Other Innovative Ideas and Initiatives

Krisztian Vas, University of  Waterloo – Canada  Utilizing the Product Club Approach for Birding Trail Planning

Adela Tehusalawany, World Vision Canada  Voice for the Voiceless – Child Sexual Exploitation

Maria Petrucci – Italian Association of Responsible Tourism (AITR) – Italy  AITR: 13 years of experience