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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Indigenous Tourism

Moderator – Quinton Crowshoe, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Adama Bah, The Gambian Experience – Gambia

Bev Wright, Blackfoot Crossing – Canada

Justin Ferbey, Destination Carcross, Carcross-Tagish First Nation -Canada (audio only)

Bruce Whyte, British Columbia Arts and Culture Branch – Canada


The Alberta Experience

Moderator – Laura McGowan, ICRT Canada

Andrew Pratt, 10 Essentials of Inside Out Experience

Monica Knight & Brenda Campbell, Canadian Badlands Ltd. (audio file included in preceding presentation)

Julie Fafard, Conseil de développement économique d’Alberta


Local Economic Development in Developed Countries

Moderator – Wynn McLean, Growing Rural Tourism

Ken Duncan, Boomtown Trail – Alberta (audio only)

LaVerne Erikson, Rosebud, Alberta

Debbie Webster, Dames on the Range – Alberta (audio only)

Jason Freezer, Tourism and the Local Economy – The UK Experience



Moderator – Harold Goodwin

Heidi Keyser, Cape Town Experience – South Africa

Jason Freezer, Visit England

Reegan McCullough, Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation

Yashin Dujon, Belize Ministry of Tourism and Transportation

Panel Discussion adding

  • David Owen, UNEP – France
  • Nikki White, ABTA –UK

Bill Werry, Deputy Minister, Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation Statement

Alberta Declaration on Responsible Tourism in Destinations